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Work within a professional environment encouraging individual initiative and input, learning, growth, and challenge, ultimately promoting the achievement of one's fullest potential.

Our Employees

Our employees enjoy what they do, are professional, bright, friendly, and personable. Each of us shares a genuine passion for making a positive impact on a client's business and financial life. "Our greatest reward comes from seeing a client walk away with peace of mind from something we have done for them."

Growth Opportunities

We continually strive to create a professional environment focused on "above-and-beyond" client service, but including learning opportunities and providing challenges that stretch one's knowledge and skills, ultimately promoting each employee's achievement of his/her fullest potential.


Our commitment to a healthy work/life balance is reflected in our environment, practices, and our competitive, comprehensive benefits, all of which support both professional growth and family life. Benefits include: competitive compensation, performance bonuses, paid vacation and holidays, profit sharing contribution, 401K, health insurance, continuing professional education, professional association dues, tuition reimbursement, CPA exam preparation, staff lunches, and fun annual "Relax After Tax," summer celebration and holiday parties.

An "Unusual Differentiation"

We strive to create an environment focused on great client service and staff development. This includes: an open-door policy, a culture of helping each other; encouraging individual initiative and input from all staff levels; continuous learning and professional growth; and challenges that stretch an employee's knowledge and skill. Even so, we are strong believers that our employees, our firm, and our clients are equal benefactors of our commitment to a healthy work/life balance. We think most will agree: happy, healthy employees who are not overworked and who can concentrate on the task at hand are more effective in applying their knowledge, experience, and creativity in providing clients the best ideas, solutions, and positive service experience. Consistent with this, a typical staff work week comprises 37-1/2 hours. While weekly hours may approach 45 hours during the busy season (mid-January through mid-April), we are happy to say that no staff member has logged more than 50 hours, except on very rare occasions. We receive periodic calls from search firms specializing in public accounting staff placement. When learning of our typical work week, more than one placement firm has commented that this is an important message to get out to top-quality professional staff prospects. One placement firm labeled us an "unusual differentiation" in a field renowned for its overworked staff. Don't believe us? Talk to our employees!

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